4 reasons why to choose Festico

Festico for the new festival!

How do you plan a popular festival?
How can we improve festival participation and gather visitor information?

Because of short festival planning period and limited budget, information is changed during festival.

"Festico" provides real-time festival information alerts. Event information by festival location can be updated in real time.

Inform the participating customers when, where and what events take place. Based on the collected customer information, you can participate and communicate at the same time

Affordable, fast build time

How do you create a festival mobile solution with a limited budget?

Festico can create the same 3D online map as the festival venue in just 2 days using game development technology and 3D aviation scan-survey technology

Build mobile solutions for our local festivals at up to one-tenth the cost!
Get the latest IT technology for the festival at a reasonable price with Festico!

The location of this week's live festival will be updated in real time!

Are you going to the festival with your lover, parents, and family?
Have you hesitated at the festival venue for not doing the research beforehand?

Don't worry! Festico is your great festival guide!

Compare and enjoy festivals nationwide with supporters and participants from "Festico"!

You have 3 festivals you want to go to this week?
Where should I go first? Which festival is the most interesting?

Don't worry! Festico is your great festival guide!
Find out at the Festico Community!
Faster than SNS! Let me tell you a live story!

Ask the festival supporters and participants together now and enjoy the festival tour!

Let me introduce
to some good festivals with "Festico"

The Festico is working with the festival management committee in each region

Gimje Horizon Festival

Wanju Wild Food Festival

Jeonju Bibimbap Festival

Muju firefly Festival

Jeongeup Culture Festival